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Wheat beer

Wheat Beers made to have yeast in the bottle and deliberately cloudy.

Full of character and refreshing especially in summer time. Belgian White Beers are now closely modelled on Hoegaarden and in recent years have had a huge surge in popularity. Brewed using wheat and spices like coriander and orange curacao and pale in colour hence the term white.

Hoegaarden Wit

ABV 5.0% | Volume 25cl | Price N/A

The nose is tart - rich with apples, cinnamon and coriander. It has a thick, frothy head and a light, refreshing Milky-Way palate with very little bitterness or hop content. Aftertaste is of cream, with a hint of bitterness (possibly from the curacao orange zest used in the brewing process).

Bruges Tarwebier

ABV 4.8% | Volume 25cl | Price £1.30

Brewed using only hops and wheat malt, with orange zest and coriander for flavouring. It is very pale in colour and hazy with yeast. The nose is slightly spicy, lightly fruity and yeasty. On the palate it is extremely light, smooth and creamy, with a citrus tang in the back of the throat. The finish is also light and zesty, lingering into a sweetish finish - the zesty oils stay on the tongue a long time, so there is also a lingering hint of orange.

Watou Wit

ABV 5.0% | Volume 25cl | Price N/A

Quite different from other wheat beers in its strength of taste and its use of spices and herbs. Serve chilled in a chilled glass for best effect. Winner of a gold medal by the "Societé des Alcools de Quebec (Canada) 1998.

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