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Trappist Beer

There are six trappist breweries in the world - five in Belgium and one in the Netherlands. The Cistercian Order are justifiably famous for their rich and flavoursome ales. All are strong ales and bottle conditioned

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Chimay White Cap

ABV 7.0% | Volume 33cl | Price £3.30

Smooth and mellow with a light copper colour.

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Chimay Red Cap

ABV 8.0% | Volume 33cl | Price £2.70

A dry firm sweet hoppy flavour with a hint of citrus. Served chilled for a perfect aperitif.

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Chimay Blue Cap

ABV 9.0% | Volume 33cl | Price £3.80

Golden coloured in the triple style with a delicate balance of bitter and fruity flavours.

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Westmalle Tripel

ABV 9.0% | Volume 33cl | Price £4.00

Lemon like zesty flavour complements the pale colour.

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Westmalle Dubbel

ABV 7.0% | Volume 33cl | Price £3.00

A very yeasty nose, with dark roast malt and caramel, and a high-rise, fairly tenacious head that follows the beer to the end of the glass. The taste is also richly malty and treacley, with phenol and zest towards the finish. A burnt sugar bitterness is also apparent towards the finish, which itself is long, quite sweet, heavily malty and a little cloying.

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ABV 6.2% | Volume 33cl | Price £2.55

Six different malts, English & German hops. Triple fermantation. A very dry herby beer.

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Rochefort 8

ABV 9.2% | Volume 33cl | Price £4.00

Rochefort 8 has a medium brownish colour with a much more robust aroma and flavor than Rochefort 6. The body and alcohol warmth are also more evident in Rochefort 8, and the fruitiness is quite pronounced.

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