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Liefman’s Goudenband

Liefmans Goudenband

ABV 8.0% | Volume 37.5cl | Price £3.10

The color is sort of amber/brown as you'd expect of a Flemish brown ale. From that starting point you go on to get loads of characters you might never expect from a beer.

The nose has metals, blood, salty cheesy things like provolone/parmesan/feta, as well as tart fruity notes and hints of wood and maybe even smoke. You get most of these aromatic characters in the flavor too. Some other odd flavors you might find here include leather, rye bread (with caraway seeds), pomegranate, alfalfa hay, and a somewhat citrusy note like a cross between guava and passion fruit.

Every time I try this beer I smell and taste several different metals but, believe it or not, this is a good thing. I taste copper, tin, and even rusty iron (thus the notes of blood, a similar taste) - I guess I must have tasted a bunch of weird things as a kid or I'd never be able to define some of these odd characteristics.

Other friends whose beer taste I respect will sit side by side with me over a bottle (or pint) of Goudenband and come up with loads of new descriptions of things they're tasting or smelling.

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